Pure Kona Coffee That’s Amazing!

100% Pure Kona Coffee is Hawaii’s best Brand

The Island’s Best Coffee has to be 100% Pure Kona Coffee. What does Kona have to offer aside from its usual natural attractions?

Sun all throughout the year. Amazing reef. Wonderful sandy beaches. And, yeah, great surfing sites. Those are the usual reasons why tourists across the globe flock to Kona, one of Hawaii’s most beautiful districts. But there is something more to Kona than those.

pure kona coffeeThe answer to that dates back many, many years ago when a heavily bearded American missionary named Samuel Ruggles brought cuttings of Brazilian Arabica coffee to Kona. From then one 100% pure kona coffee has become one of the most sought-after coffee in the world. This coffee is so amazing that it is responsible for popularizing Kona across the globe. More than its handsome beaches and other natural wonders, Kona is much more known because of the great Kona beans it produces. If you enjoyed this write-up and you would like to get additional details relating to Kona coffee kindly check out our web page.

100% Pure Kona Coffee the Island’s Best Coffee

Kona coffee beans are generally classified into five grades, namely, Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Peaberry, and Prime. Peaberry is somewhat different from the other grades. Usually, cherries contain two flat-sided coffee beans which can be separated upon drying. Peaberry, on the other hand, comes from unique cherries that only hold one oval-shaped bean. Cherries that produce such rare beans make up only 3 to 5 percent of the total harvest. So Peaberry Kona is quite rare and pricey. In fact, it is aptly called the “Champagne of Kona.” But it is very worth its cost because whole beans exude smooth and full-bodied taste that is the joy of both ordinary coffee drinkers and sophisticated connoisseurs.

100% Pure Kona Coffee from the Island’s Best Store

The other grades of 100% kona coffee company are classified according to their bean sizes and defects. Extra Fancy has the largest and least defective beans, followed by Fancy, Number 1, and Prime. When it comes to cost, Extra Fancy generally has a higher price tag compared to the three other grades. But the cost of buying Extra Fancy Kona is well worth it considering its rich and smooth flavors.

100% Pure Kona Coffee the Island’s Best Brand

All in all, though, all grades of Kona have that distinct special flavor that is beloved by Hawaii’s coffee company lovers. And why do Kona coffee have such amazing flavors? The secret mainly lies in the way Kona coffee is grown and processed. Kona beans are grown on the slopes of mountains that contain volcanic soil rich in nutrients and minerals. Arabica coffee loves such kind of soil. But isn’t the rather harsh tropical climate of Hawaii not conducive to Arabica tree? After all, Arabica hates a lot of suns. Nature has a great hand in solving this problem. All throughout the morning, the sun shines fiercely all over Kona. But in the afternoon humid clouds roll all over Arabica plantations, giving kona trees much-needed shade from the intense sun rays. The end result is that Kona grows well and produces high-quality 100% pure kona coffee.